Field Trips & Excursions

Welcome to the announcement page of Field Trips & Excursions. On this page we will continuously add offers for field trips and excursions to destinations at different distances from Bremen. The offered trips focus on different subject areas and are organized by members of the ICRS 2021 organising committee or external partners.

Please contact the hosts/organisers directly if you wish to participate in one or the other trip or excursion before, during or after the week of ICRS 2021. Contacts or booking forms are provided in the description of each trip below. More trips will be added here in the near future.

Gotland - A tropical coral reef in the Baltic Sea


Gotland is one of the most important sites for Silurian corals worldwide. It’s over 400 million year old fossil remains  can be found almost everywhere on the island. Many are strikingly beautiful. Formerly located in tropical latitudes, Gotland is now the largest island in the Baltic Sea. For geotourists seeking scenic landscapes and a relaxed atmosphere, mixed with a strong taste of history, Gotland is the place to visit. The fieldtrip will lead to the most important geological outcrops. More...